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Cloverley Hall – space

Peace and quiet

Cloverley Hall Christian conference centre offers a place of tranquility and escape, yet remains easily accessible by road and rail. Our grounds provide a safe haven for all, with the opportunity to enjoy the sports facilities or simply relax in the Shropshire countryside.

Space to grow

We invite you to bring your group to Cloverley Hall and experience the benefits of time away together.

Come on retreat

For centuries Christians have recognised the value of getting away from the distractions of everyday life to encounter God more clearly. Cloverley Hall is an ideal place for your church retreat, church family holiday or leadership training event. Whatever the purpose of your event – to simply put your feet up or to spend quality time studying the Bible together, Cloverley Hall offers all the facilities you need and an excellent place to relax and be refreshed.

Centre Ministries

Cloverley Hall is part of Centre Ministries, a small group of Christian Centres in England and Northern Ireland. Find out more about our Christian ministry.

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