Info for guests

What time can I arrive?

Arrival time is normally from 4pm onwards.

Can I bring pets?

No, sorry we can’t accommodate pets at this time, but assistance dogs are welcome.

Do you have car parking facilities?

Space is available in our main car park for approximately 40 vehicles, as well as in our grassed overflow car park for approximately 20 vehicles.

Do I need to bring my own travel cot?

No, we have 8 travel cots available for guest use. Please inform your group leader who will notify the office so we can set it up for you in preparation for your stay.

Do you have high chairs?

Yes, we have 8 high chairs available.

I’ve left something at Cloverley. What do I do?

Any lost property will be retained for two weeks after your visit. If you wish to have your items returned to you, please contact us and we will arrange that for you.

Who can use Cloverley Hall?

As part of Centre Ministries, we aim to promote the Christian Faith as characterised by the acceptance of The Bible as God’s inspired and authoritative word. Centre Ministries does this by providing good quality cost-effective centres to serve the Christian community in providing opportunities that are primarily residential for churches and Christian organisations to fulfil their mission and stimulate growth. Centre Ministries also wishes to serve other organisations, especially those in education, who want to enjoy and learn from our Christian ethos, environment and values.