Ever wondered why Cloverley Hall exists as a Christian Conference Centre  and what it is that we think is important? Find out more about what we believe and how we support our guests at the centre.

Space to… share your faith

Cloverley Hall has been a place for Christian ministry, retreat and revitalisation since 1985. We offer our centre as a place to enable groups to come and connect with each other and with God – a place to worship, pray, reflect, learn and share Christian experience. A space to grow. A place to share faith with others.

It’s a space for mission and for ministry, retreat and revitalisation. We offer to partner with you and pray for you and your group when you come to stay.

We love to welcome people of any faith and none to the centre and pray that whoever comes will sense something of the goodness of God.

Times when…people’s lives are changed

We believe that spending time away from the normal routine is hugely valuable for Christian groups, whether you come as a church, a youth group or another Christian organisation. We are constantly hearing stories of people whose lives have been changed because they have had time away to reflect, grow, learn and plan for the future. That’s why we offer Cloverley Hallas a space where your group can have the time and space to meet with God and enjoy discovering more about what it means to follow him.

Find out more about Centre Ministries and what we believe.

Time to… relax and recharge

Groups often come to Cloverley Hall for a retreat type experience. There are Church groups who come back year after year because they see the benefits of time away together.  We appreciate that and work hard at creating a setting that will enable our visitors to find peace and prayer in a busy world. We can help you plan activities for your group and make suggestions about how to use our facilities so that each person feels welcomed and included, with time and space to relax.

Want to hear our story?

Find out about the long history of this amazing house in the beautiful border county of Shropshire.